Saturday, 1 February 2014

Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Sponge

Sponge is one of the most used item in cleaning of utensils, shelves and other surfaces especially in kitchens. Have you ever wonder the sponge you are using for cleaning purpose is clean itself or not. 

Usually the sponge remain wet after the use as it soak good quantity of water / liquid in it. The constant wetness of the sponge, makes it the perfect petri dish for cultivating bacteria and fungi. So its mean that it can clean the utensil but possibly contaminate it with bacteria and fungi.

So we have two problem associated with the cleaning and hygiene of the sponges. 
  • The wetness of sponge
  • Cultivation of bacteria and fungi
Use binder clip as sponge holder this will not only allow sponge to air dry which as result restrict the cultivation of mildew and bacteria.

Using of sponge to clean meat & other similar products could results in cultivation of bacteria

and fungi.
Zapping of wet sponges for two to three minutes would disinfect the  sponge.

  • Before zapping please ensure that the sponge do not contain any metal
  • After zapping do not touch sponge directly touch it after sometime

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