Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Natural Ways to Prevent and Restore Hair Loss

Natural Ways to Prevent and Restore Hair Loss

Balding and hair loss is almost social stigma in every society. Long hair and are often consider as standard of beauty in various civilizations. 

People who are losing hair spend hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollar to prevent it. In United States alone the industries and clinics related to hair treatment are  billion dollar enterprises. 

Although there is no elixir or magic potion that can immediately stop or regrow the fallen hair. However with the current knowledge of medicine and nutrition pattern we can adopt which will be helpful for hair loss and improve the health of hair in general.

Here are some natural ways which can help in growth and wellness of your.

Vitamins and Hairs

There is a strong correlation between the vitamin intake and the growth of hairs.

  • Vitamin A help create shiny appearance and stimulate the germination of hairs.
  • Vitamin B, Biotin and other complex B vitamin are vital in the health hair. B3 help circulation in scalp and aides in the growth.
  • Vitamin E also like B3  increase the scalp circulation.

Protein is a Friend

Major ingredient of human hair is protein so the intake of quality protein source (veg or non veg) could boost the hair growth.


Nurture your hairs with the use of oils. External application Olive and Cocunut oils are among the best treatment you can give to your hairs.

Protect Hair With Iron

Iron accelerate the growth of hair by improving the flow under the scalp. It also reduce the hair loss.

Be Hydrated

As we know that our hairs are up to 30% of water. So by hydrating all the time one can make its hair in good health and regrow them.

Quit Smoking and Alcohol

Both habits are dangerous for health of the hair and even contribute to the fall of them. So choose between these habits or hairs.

Natural Ways to Prevent and Restore Hair Loss

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