Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Starbuck : The Bull Who Sired 200,000 Daughters

The Most Profitable Bull Starbuck  Sired 200,00 Daughters & Earn 25 Million

A Canadian bull named "Starbuck" was one of the most profitable bull in the history. Estimation of earning from his semen was around 25 million dollars. 

"Hanoverhill  Starbuck" was a Holstein sire who is claimed to be the father of more than 36,000 cows in Canada alone. If the count of daughters is considered the figure came around 200,000. He also sired 209 proven sons and 406 proven grandsons. This makes him one of the most productive bull in the world.

Starbuck was born in 1979 and died in 1998. During his 19 years and 4 month of life 685,000 doses of semen sold in 45 countries, which indeed shows his impact on the global of dairy farming.

During his life he earned 130 All Canadian and 82 All American nominations along with 27 times the Premier Sire title in shows all across the US and Canada.

During the time of death he was the oldest sire which was kept for artificial insemination in the world. After his demise Starbuck was cloned with the name of Starbuck II. Who was showed in 2010 for the first time.

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