Tuesday, 25 February 2014

The Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean Diet Pyramid is based on the diet patterns of the ancient residents of the countries having borders with the Mediterranean Sea.

The logic for the adoption of that particular cooking style and menu is the fact that the people of that area were having strikingly low heart diseases and were generally healthy.

The have divided their dietary intake into groups. Grains, vegetables, fruits, juices, cereals, seeds and olive oil are in a group of daily use. White meat , poultry, seafood and eggs should be used often atleast twice a week. Dairy products i.e. milk, cheeses , and yogurt are in the group to use in moderation. Red meat, sweets, butter, potato should be use in low quantities. 

Nutrition experts who advocates this diet also suggested to have good workout and fair use of water with it. 

The practitioners of the diet are claimed to be less prone to heart disease, cancer and Alzheimer  

Here is a list of few books you can read in order to understand the concept of the Mediterranean diet better and recipes of foods.

The Mediterranean Diet

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